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Booking with us includes access to the following homes and amenities: 

  • Access to three houses and a bunkhouse with four separate master bedrooms 

  • Generator large enough to power the entire property 

  • Laundry rooms in every building  

  • Starlink internet 

  • Sand Volleyball court  

  • Industrial sized ice maker

  • Propane grill

  • Private pool and pool bar 

  • Private boat dock with three boat slips (sizes 30', 50' and 70')

Home Breakdown

  • In total: 11 bedrooms, 16 beds, 10 bathrooms which equals room for up to 30 guests 
    Here is the breakdown of our houses: 

  • Coco Moes': 2 bedrooms, 1 king bed, 1 queen bed, and a pull-out couch. 2 full bathrooms 

  • Coco Loco: 2 bedrooms, 1 king, 1 queen bed, 1 full bathroom 

  • Coco Lada: 3 bedrooms, 4 king beds. A massive master includes 2 king beds and a bunk bed. 3 full bathrooms

  • Bunk House: 4 bedrooms, all accessible through the outside like hotel rooms. A king bed in each with its own private bathroom and wash bar

Pricing for 2024

  • Pricing for the entire property, excluding bunk house: $4000 a night for a minimum of 5 nights or $2857 a night for 7 or more nights. 

  • For access to the bunk house, it will be an additional charge of $200 per night per room 

  • Cleaning fee of $650 for the 3 houses, and $120 per room used in the bunk house

Contact us below to secure your dates and for further inquires. 


The Bahamas

(561) 371-5143

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Green Turtle Cay Bahamas has long held a special place in our family's heart. This beautiful island has now served as a beloved escape for several generations. To ensure that this piece of paradise endures for many more lifetimes, we made the decision to create a property where our friends and family could gather and create cherished memories for years to come. Thus, Coconut Cove was born as a space where everyone seeking their own relaxing retreat could come and find the ultimate place for convenience and relaxation. For a few years now, this special place has been private to our friends and family, but we have decided to share these amazing experiences with others. We now offer our home to the public so they too can make memories just like we all have. On this small island, finding a location that accommodates large groups while still fostering a sense of togetherness can be challenging. However, Coconut Cove offers a solution, with four homes that can comfortably host a sizable number of guests. This means that you and your loved ones can spend ample time together, building relationships and creating unforgettable experiences. Our property boasts a range of amenities that are almost impossible to find anywhere else on the island, including private docking, a pool, a volleyball court, and more. Whether you are seeking a bit of friendly competition or simply a place to lounge and soak up the sun, Coconut Cove has something to offer. 

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